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Hospitality Schedule 2021 - 2022

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Please note: on opening day and the first week (September 18 & 25), the Hospitality Committee provides the refreshments --- not the small groups.

Hospitality Committee9/18/2021
 Hospitality Committee
13307Janet York, Rebecca Khan, Carolyn Adcock
23311Suci Jackson, Margaret Long, Melonie Erickson
32303Ann Richards, Anne Irwin, Ann Culley, Elizabeth Brown
43305Toni Rhett, Lynn Thomason, Christy Anderson
52301Joanne Joiner, Laura Gurley, Kimberlyn Abbey
63313Bland DeShong, Linda Hanley, Holly King
72311Janet Burrell, Mary Kent Ellis, Peggy Herndon
82309Pam Elting, Robin English, Melissa Merritt
92202Marilyn O'Neal, Ann Hart Hunter, Laura Belatti
102315Willa McGimsey, Sheree Boyd, Stephanie Yates, Lauren Gearon